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FancyBox Blogger – jQuery Image Zomming Script Tutorial

Earlier Colorbox, Multibox , Lightbox and I was doing Fullsize expression extensions. Now, how to use blogs Blogger Fancybox plugin and optimize the files I needed.

Lightbox is an alternative application Fancybox application. Unlike application works with jQuery lightbox. This application, according to Lightbox Fancybox application performance one step ahead is making.

Application is the most beautiful side Fancybox picture on the blog, we've added an extra regulation is not needed. So that after you add pictures blog edit html section of the rel or class type class should not let us enter. Of course, if you want to add a title that you add the picture again in edit html section must include class title

Solution to Blogger bX Errors Code (General Solution of the Errors Received Blogger)

Blogger infrastructure with which broadcasts most of friends to worry about where they are installing new template Blogger bx-start errors that he is.

This error might be taken against the first measure to take a backup of your template, not to forget. In case of any error arising from the problem at hand in order to find the template that contains a backup of your job easier.

First, the reasons why Blogger template error when editing one template code to make the slightest mistake or lack of is to delete. To avoid this issue, edit your template after you preview them before saving the template of the error arising from just above the window will print in red. The cause of the error and save them from view so that the intervention was due will have the opportunity.


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